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フローサイトメトリー (Flow Cytometry)

フローサイトメトリー (Flow) 用の抗体を幅広く取り揃えております。CSTのFlowグループが一つ一つの抗体を検証しており、高い特異性を有し、低いバックグランドで強い蛍光強度を示すFlowに最適な抗体のみを推奨しています。非標識抗体の他、Flowに最適化したAlexa Fluor® 標識抗体やその他の蛍光色素標識抗体もラインナップし、基礎疾患のメカニズムの解明やバイオマーカーの同定などにFlowを用いる新しい試みをサポートしてまいります。


品質管理: 全てのFlow用抗体は、社内の適切なモデルシステムを用いた広範な検証試験を通じ、最適な希釈率とバッファーを特定しています。

プロトコール: 最小限の試薬・時間で期待通りの結果を得ていただくために、製品毎に最適化した詳細なプロトコールを提供しています。

プロトコール関連製品: お客様の実験のトータルサポートを目指し、精選した多彩な関連製品を提供しています。これら製品は抗体製品の社内試験でも使用され、製品の性能を最大限引き出すことができます。
二次抗体 | 細胞染色蛍光試薬 | アイソタイプコントロール | バッファー | 阻害剤/活性化剤 | siRNA

テクニカルサポート: CSTの抗体は全て社内で製造されているため、まさにこれらの試薬を開発・検証し使用法に精通した研究者がお客様をお手伝いいたします。

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細胞内フローサイトメトリー vs. ウェスタンブロッティング (p-Syk)

Intracellular flow cytometry offers unique advantages to the study of signaling events when compared to western blot analysis. Western blots detect protein levels from a pooled population of cells and therefore may not be sufficiently sensitive to recognize infrequent signaling events, particularly those taking place in a small proportion of specialized cells. This can be misconstrued as a negative result. Owing to its capacity to measure events at a single cell level, flow cytometry allows for the identification of rare signaling events (see example below).

Western Blot

Western Blot

Intracellular Flow Cytometry

Syk, a non-receptor cytoplasmic tyrosine kinase transmits signals from the B cell receptor (BCR) and is phosphorylated upon BCR activation.
WB was used to study activation of Syk in a PBMC population, which was left either untreated or was treated with IgM (10 μg/ml) for 10 min. Analysis of total Syk by WB using Syk Antibody #2712 reveals two bands of the correct molecular weight for both groups. However, probing for phosphorylated Syk using Phospho-Syk (Tyr525/526) (C87C1) rabbit mAb #2710 yields no visible bands. Syk is only expressed in the B lymphocyte population within the PBMCs, and only a small proportion of B cells will show activation of Syk after treatment. Therefore, the effect of the IgM treatment is diluted within the protein lysate and undetectable when analyzed by WB.
When doing the same analysis by flow cytometry, co-staining with CD19 and CD4, B and T cell-specific markers, respectively, can identify B cells. CD19 positive and CD4 negative B cells can be examined for Syk phosphorylation. As expected, there is no activation of Syk in untreated cells. However about 10% of B cells become positive for phospho-Syk following IgM treatment. Thus flow cytometry, unlike western blotting has the capacity to identify and resolve this small but real sub-population of B lymphocytes from a heterogeneous pool of human PBMCs. .

CyTOF®向けフローサイトメトリー 検証済み抗体

CyTOF® mass cytometry single cell proteomics platform uses metal conjugated antibodies to simultaneously profile over 30 proteins within a single cell.

Cell Signaling Technology (CST) offers a diverse portfolio of thoroughly validated flow cytometry antibodies in PBS formulation, suitable for use with the CyTOF® mass cytometer.

  • PBS-formulated CST™ antibodies are ideal for conjugating to metals for use with the CyTOF® instrument.
  • High concentration antibody formulations (> 1mg/ml) yield improved conjugation success.
  • Choose from hundreds of flow cytometry validated CST™ antibodies.

To find out more about the available antibodies for CyTOF®, please see the section on services offered from our custom solutions group.

フローサイトメトリー (Flow Cytometry)




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