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#4134 Phospho-Stat4 (Tyr693) (D2E4) Rabbit mAb

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感度分子量 (kDa)抗体の由来貯法
内在性81Rabbit IgG-20℃
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ヒト マウス、ラット、サル、ブタ
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ウェスタンブロッティング (1:1000)免疫沈降 (1:100)免疫蛍光細胞染色 (IF-IC) (1:1600)フローサイトメトリー (1:1600)クロマチン免疫沈降 (1:50)


内在性レベルのTyr693 がリン酸化されたStat4 タンパク質を検出します。
ヒトのStat4 タンパク質のTyr693 周辺領域 (合成ペプチド)

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※下記の社内データは、すべて4134 の推奨プロトコールで実験した結果です。

Western Blotting

Western Blotting

Western blot analysis of extracts from NK-92 cells, untreated (-) or treated (+) with Human Interleukin-2 (hIL-2) #8907 (10 ng/ml, 15 min) or human interleukin-12 (hIL-12, 50 ng/ml, 15 min), using Phospho-Stat4 (Tyr693) (D2E4) Rabbit mAb (upper) and Stat4 (C46B10) Rabbit mAb #2653 (lower).



Confocal immunofluorescent analysis of NK-92 cells, starved of IL-2 (5 hr) and then either untreated (upper) or IL-12-treated (50 ng/mL, 15 min; lower), using Phospho-Stat4 (Tyr693) (D2E4) Rabbit mAb (green) and β-Actin (8H10D10) Mouse mAb #3700 (red).

Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometric analysis of NK-92 cells serum starved of Human Interleukin-2 #8907 (5 hr), untreated (blue) or treated with IL-12 (50ng/mL, 1 hr; green), using Phospho-Stat4 (Tyr693) (D2E4) Rabbit mAb (solid lines) or concentration-matched Rabbit (DA1E) mAb IgG XP® Isotype Control #3900 (dashed lines). Anti-rabbit IgG (H+L), F(ab')2 Fragment (Alexa Fluor® 488 Conjugate) #4412 was used as the secondary antibody.

Chromatin IP

Chromatin IP

Chromatin immunoprecipitations were performed with cross-linked chromatin from NK-92 cells starved of IL-2 overnight then treated with IL-12 (10 ng/ml, 4 hr) and either Phospho-Stat4 (Tyr693) (D2E4) Rabbit mAb or Normal Rabbit IgG #2729 using SimpleChIP® Enzymatic Chromatin IP Kit (Magnetic Beads) #9003. The enriched DNA was quantified by real-time PCR using human IRF-1 promoter primers, SimpleChIP® Human PRF1 Promoter Primers #9014, and SimpleChIP® Human α Satellite Repeat Primers #4486. The amount of immunoprecipitated DNA in each sample is represented as signal relative to the total amount of input chromatin, which is equivalent to one.


The Jak-Stat signaling pathway is utilized by a large number of cytokines, growth factors, and hormones (1). Receptor-mediated tyrosine phosphorylation of Jak family members triggers phosphorylation of Stat proteins, resulting in their nuclear translocation, binding to specific DNA elements, and subsequent activation of transcription. The remarkable range and specificity of responses regulated by the Stats is determined, in part, by the tissue-specific expression of different cytokine receptors, Jaks, and Stats, as well as by the combinatorial coupling of various Stat members to different receptors (2). Stat4 is predominantly expressed in the spleen, thymus, and testis and has been most extensively investigated as the mediator of IL-12 responses (3-8). Activation of Stat4 is associated with phosphorylation at Tyr693 (9).

Stat4 is activated in response to IL-2 in natural killer (NK) cells, but not in T cells (10).

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Phospho-Stat4 (Tyr693) (D2E4) Rabbit mAb

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